We organize guided dives in Baia e a Procida, Ischia, Costiera Sorrentina, Capri, Golfo di Napoli


The area where we go diving is wide: from Baia, close to Pozzuoli, to Procida and Ischia westwards (Marine Park "Regno di Nettuno", Nettuno's Reign) and, from the Gulf of Naples to the Coast of Sorrento (Punta Campanella Marine Park) and Capri Island estwards and southwards. Impressive calcareous cliffs alternate to volcanic coasts of tuff, low on the sea. There are many vertical walls which continue underwater very deep, as well as many caves, canions, cracks and many rock reefs. Here the frequent currents and schools of many small fishes attract very often barracudas and other pelagic species.

We have the authorization to dive also in the very fascinating Archeological Marine Park, just outside the marina where our boats are moored . In very shallow water the divers and snorkelers can admire the ancient roman ruins, sinked in the centuries thanks to the "bradisismo" phenomenon.

So our offering of diving sites is various and can satisfy many scuba interests: naturalist, photographic, archeological and caving.
In order to offer a better service and maximum safety, we organize groups of divers of no more then 6 people per divemaster . Our guided diving excursions are generally by boat and half day tours, in the morning and in the afternoon with 1 or 2 dives per excursion. When the weather is good we organize full day trips to reach farer locations with two dives and pocket lunch. On request we organize also night dives.


- Mercoledì 18 aprile
ore 9:30 AMP Baia - Secca Fumosa
ore 13:30 AMP Baia - Porto Giulio
- Giovedì 19 aprile
ore 9:30 Bacoli - La Torre romana
ore 13:30 AMP Baia - Villa Pisoni
- Venerdì 20 aprile
ore 9:30 Nisida - Canyons
ore 13:30 AMP Baia - Villa a Protiro
- Sabato 21 aprile
ore 9:00 Ischia - S.Pancrazio
ore 13:30 AMP Baia - Villa a Protiro
- Domenica 22 aprile
ore 8:30 Napoli - Secca di Miseno
ore 12:30 AMP Baia - Ninfeo di Claudio
Immersioni tecniche:
- Domenica 22 aprile
ore 8:30 Napoli - Secca di Miseno

can participate: Closed Circuiti (CC) Livelli: modulo 1 (Air Diluent) modulo 2 (Normoxic Diluent) modulo 3 (Ipoxic Diluent).
Open Circuit (OC) Livelli: adv nitrox, technical, normoxic e trimix diver.
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Our centre recharges nitrox and trimix blend. The tanks must be delivered the day before within the 3 pm.
The hours indicated above are for the arrival at our center for the registration and preparation of the scuba equipment. The diving sites above can be changed, also the same day, according to the weather conditions.

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