We organize guided dives in Protected Marine Area of Punta Campanella, along Sorrento's Coast, Capri, Gulf of Naples



Punta Campanella & Capri

The stretch of coast that runs from Sorrento to Positano is without a doubt one of the most beautiful in Italy, towns such as Amalfi, Sorrento and Positano are famous all over the world. The underwater bottoms not absolutely betray the beauty of the coastal scenery, indeed in most of the cases are extensions of the seabed emerged limestone cliffs. The limestone in the area also promotes, on both sides of the coast, the presence of numerous caves, crevices and cavities. Do not miss the rock reefs in the open sea, where the current and the constant presence of small bluefish invite big fishes like tunas and kingfishes. Backdrops suit any interest in underwater photography, nature, caving and with archeology.

Marine Park Punta Campanella

It's the strip of land joining the Sorrento's peninsula and Coast of Amalfi and it seems almost to rejoin with Capri's Island .........


Dives at Capri

With a luxuriant vegetetion, an exstraordinary sea, breathtaking landscapes, Capri is the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean Sea. Its beauty and its fame are well known since ancient times and still nowadays it attracts plenty of visitors.............


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