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Do you know the NITROX? Have you ever thought that you can lengthen your dive times or you can dive more safely by reducing the absorption of inert gas? Don't waste this opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills from home!

at h. 7:00 pm

we'll start the SSI 

course ON LINE!

It is a short modulate course which consists of 1 or 2 theoretical sessions, after studying the relative digital manual and a final quiz! Enable to dive using an EAN, which is the most common oxygen enriched mixture of gases and which you can find in most diving centers in the world!

The presentation and the course will be carried out through the ZOOM webinar application, very easy to use both via PC and with tablet or smartphone. To those interested we will send the related link to participate in the online presentation!

Promotion for the OPEN WATER DIVER course!


If you decide to attend an Open Water Diver course with us, after the course you'll not pay the scuba equipment rental for all your dives until the end of 2020 ! So, diving with us the equipment is free!


It's online ! A new portal exclusively dedicated to underwater photography.
Presented and cared by the newborn IUPS (Italian Undewater Photography Society), a nonprofit organization that was created with the intent to promote and enhance the culture linked to the image camera underwater. The IUPS intends to develop the awareness of the underwater environment and ecological problems, related to the photographic excellence, promoting conservation initiatives of Italian coastal areas, rivers, lakes and seas.

"SNAPSHOTS FROM THE PAST" by Mimmo Roscigno. Publication of photographs taken on the Archaeological Park of Baia. This publication is visible in the preview site and is distributed free at our headquarters in the Bay. The purpose of this work is to spread the beauty of Underwater Archaeological Park which hides important underwater archaeological finds of inestimable value.