Baia, in the Phlegran Fields, in the province of Naples, at the time of the ancient Romans became a thriving health and holiday location, near the important commercial port of Portus Julius and the base of the military fleet of Capo Miseno. In this area the phenomenon of “bradisismo” , due to the volcanic action of the territory, caused the sinking of part of the important ruins. Imperial baths, precious mosaics, sinuous statues and marble floors have been found underwater.

To protect all this, in 2002 the Archaeological Marine Park of Baia was created with an incomparable historical and cultural value. There are 5 underwater sites, ranging from 5 to a maximum of 13 meters of depth, therefore suitable both for SNORKELING, for SCUBA DIVING (scuba diving for certified divers) and, for TRY SCUBA diving for beginners.

GOPRO rental

SUBAIA CAMPANIA DIVERS by Sealand Adventure s.r.l.

Archeological presentation before every excursion

SUBAIA CAMPANIA DIVERS by Sealand Adventure s.r.l.

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SUBAIA CAMPANIA DIVERS by Sealand Adventure s.r.l.

Parc marin archéologique de Baia

Come and try a unique diving experience, exploring the ancient submerged Roman ruins. You can choose to visit 1 to 2 archaeological sites in a single exit.


  • Basic diver, scuba diver or open water diver certification
  • Minimum age: 10 years old

1 dive € 35
2 consecutive dives € 70

Included: tank, weights, expert guide

Full scuba equipment rental € 20 / day
Nolo Go-Pro € 20 / dive -  € 30 /day

Parc marin archéologique de Baia

Don't have a diving certification? But would you like to dive in order to admire the underwater ruins? You can do this by following the "Try Scuba" program, which consists of a dive with the instructor (maximum two participants per instructor) preceded by a theoretical explanation and some exercises in the water.


  • Good water skills, good physical shape
  • Minimum age: 8 years old

Included: full scuba equipment.
1 dive € 100
2 consecutive dives € 130
Nolo Go-Pro € 20/dive - € 30/ day

Parc marin archéologique de Baia

You can admire the submerged ancient roman ruins by swimming on the surface with fins, mask, snorkel and wetsuit. You will be accompanied by our expert snorkeling guide.

  • Good water skills, good physical shape
  • Minimum age: 6 years old

Included: wetsuit, mask, snorkel, fins.

1 excursion to visit 1 arch. site € 25
2 excursions to visit 2 arch. sites € 50

Nolo Go-Pro € 20/excursion - € 30/day

Archeological Marine Park Activities Time Table

(the indicated times can vary – Monday is our day off)

From Tuesday to Friday MorningFrom Tuesday to Friday AfternoonSaturday and Sunday
1 dive/excursion:1 dive/excursion:1 dive/excursion:
Check in 9:30/check out 12:30Check in 13:30/check out 16:30Check in 12:30/check out 15:30
2 dives/excursions:2 dives/excursions:2 dives/excursions:
Check in 9:30/check out 13:30Check in 9:30/check out 13:30Check in 12:30/check out 16:30

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