We are located in Baia, western the Gulf of Naples, in "Campi Flegrei" area , famous commercial and military center of the ancient Rome ; nowadays well known location especially to the nautical tourism.

The wonderfull Archeological Marine Park with its underwater ancient roman ruins; the amazing bottoms of the Gulf of Naples and of Procida, Ischia, Capri Islands as well as of the Coast of Sorrento, allow us to do unique scuba dives. This is the reason why the Sealand Adventure's team, decided in the 2012 to start to operate here after the experience in Massa Lubrense, in Baia Subaia diving center.

Our boats &..something else!

We use a Bwa inflatable boat 7,40 mt., motorized with an outboard Suzuky 200 four stroke and a Bwa inflatable boat 8,40 mt. with a Suzuky 300 four stroke. To transport all the scuba equipment from the diving center to the embarking point of the boats (about 200 mt.) we use the legendary small pick up Ape Piaggio, quick and agile when we need!

SUBAIA CAMPANIA DIVERS by Sealand Adventure s.r.l.
SUBAIA CAMPANIA DIVERS by Sealand Adventure s.r.l.


Our seat is just behind the marina where our boats are moored (about 200 mt.). It's a big open space location with the recption at the entrance, the filling gases compressors area, dressing rooms (one for male and one for female), rinsing equipment area, toilette and hot water showers.

We are so epuipped:

  • 40 steel 15 lt bivalves tanks
  • 1 Bauer compressor
  • 1 nitrox & trimix refilling control unit
  • 20 Aqualung guests complete equipment
  • Oxygen tanks
  • Scuba lights
  • Fresh water rinsing equipment tanks
  • Equipment store
  • Repairing desk




  • TRANSFER from/to hotels in Campi Flegrei area.
  • BABYSITTING for the couples with young children who prefer dive together.
  • PERSONAL DIVEMASTER a professional scuba guide who lead the dive only for you and your friends, personalizing it according your needs, taking care exclusively of your and your friends' safety.
  • PERSONAL SCUBA INSTRUCTOR to personalize your scuba education with an expert instructor who will follow you step by step adapting the educational path to your needs and experiences.
  • PRIVATE DIVE for whom who prefer go diving without anybody else on board, with the exclusive use of the boat and the divemaster, with tha chance to choose the diving sites according is preferences.
SUBAIA CAMPANIA DIVERS by Sealand Adventure s.r.l.

Our Staff

SUBAIA CAMPANIA DIVERS by Sealand Adventure s.r.l.


Besides being an SSI recreational instructor and IANTD and SSI XR technician, he is an outstanding underwater photographer. He is taciturn and introverted but his underwater images express all his skill both as a diver and as an artist. Love the depth, in effect is from 40 mt. and deeper that he feels really good!

SUBAIA CAMPANIA DIVERS by Sealand Adventure s.r.l.


She is SSI Assistant Trainer Instructor with more then 20 years of scuba diving experience.
Inflaxible, obstinate, accurate and demanding, under the cover of severe spiritual guide hides a heart of gold and a gentle soul. For the passion and enthusiasm she puts in her scuba activity she looks like the first day she began this job.

SUBAIA CAMPANIA DIVERS by Sealand Adventure s.r.l.


Cmas and Ssi Instructor since long time, she goes diving since she was a baby. She is sweet and patient with the beginners, but she never gives up to the most demanding and technical dives and....... she cooks a macaroni omelet so good!

SUBAIA CAMPANIA DIVERS by Sealand Adventure s.r.l.


French, indeed Breton of origin, now transplanted to Baia, loves the sea in all its forms. He is an SSI instructor with an incredible desire to transmit his passion to others. He is always available, sunny, professional and reliable and no storm scares him! ...... Not by chance he comes from Brittany!

SUBAIA CAMPANIA DIVERS by Sealand Adventure s.r.l.


He is already OTS (technical diver operator) despite being the youngest of our instructors and he already has a lot of experience! He never fails to smile, in fact he is always cheerful, helpful, calm, kind and .............. above all .......... a great lover of beer!