Miseno Reef

It's a huge reef about 1 mile far out of Miseno Cape. We anchor on the top of the reef at about 22 mt. close to the edge which fall down at about 50 mt. and deeper. It's rich of gorgonias and sponges and, in the vertical cracks it'snot rare to admire the small shark Scyliorhinus canicula. The frequent current brings many nutrients attracting pelagic species, tunas, amberjacks, common eagle ray.

Minimum certification: Advanced Open Water Diver
Depth: 22 - 50 mt.
Difficulty: medium, for all technical levels

Nisida Wall

Along the coastline of the small Nisida Island, southward a high rocky protrusion of the cliff, there are big rocky masses with vertical sides, protracting towards the blue. From about 8 mt. they fall down to about 25 mt. There are very beautiful white and yellow soft corals (Eunicella singularis and Eunicella cavolini) and big sponges such as the yellow Axinellae cannabina. A lot of other animals crowd the rocky masses: many nudibranches such as Cratena peregrina, Flabellina affinis or Flabellina babai, hippocampus guttulatus. It's easy to admire also many scorpionfishes, some mediterrenean lobsters and octopus.

Minimum certification: Open Water Diver
Depth: 0 - 25 mt.
Difficulty: easy

Badessa Reef

Eastern the mussels factory, close to Nisida Island, some rocky masses raise from a sandy bottom, about 30 mt. deep, up to 10-12 mt..The morphology of the rocks create among the masses small and narrrow canions and passages very stimulating for the divers and, together with the richness of small marine animals make it a very interesting dive.

Minimum certification: Open Water Diver
Depth: 10 - 30 mt.
Difficulty: easy

  Cavallara reef

Out Possilipo Cape, just outside the small Gaiola Islands, there is an extended reef, which from shallow depth arrives to a depth of about 26 mt.. Generally we anchor on a bottom of 12-14 mt., close to the southern edge of the reef, where the rock falls down vertically. The divers swim along the side of the reef which present many crack and interesting corners full of big cerianthus, axinella sponges, soft corals such as leptogorgia. This is a very interesting spot for passionated scuba photographers.

Minimum certification: Open Water Diver
Depth: 12 - 26 mt.
Difficulty: easy