"Neptun's Reign" Marine Park consists of the sea area sorrounding the Phlegrean Arcipelago , made of Ischia, Procida and Vivara islands. We can say that the "Regno di Nettuno" is on an ideal very important border, which divides the northern Mediterrenean from the southern part; it's a climatic limit which concequence is an extraordinary richness of biological mediterrenean species all together. This led Anton Dohrn, german scientist Charles Darwin's friend, to establish here, in the 1872, the first marine biology institute in the world, even now one of the most prestigious.

The bottoms of "Regno di Nettuno" protected marine area includes a large variety of enviroments, including many kinds of corals and algae. In the "Reign's" waters there are all the typical fish species which live in the mediterrenean rock ambients and all the other pelagic migratory species such as squids, anchovies, sardines and small tunas. The sea area nothern Ischia island, towards Ventotene is one of the area with the highest density of marine mammals.

Naturalistic Diving Timetable

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Terra Murata Reef (Procida)

Underneath the vertical cliff of "Terra Murata", where on top we can admire the ancient prison and the wall of the old village, ther is an interesting rock reef. Many big rocks, which from a depth of about 13 mt. fall down at about 28 mt. on the sand , creating many canyons and amazing passages. The bottom is very healthy and the flora and fauna are very interesting: beautiful yellow and white sea fans, different sponges and murenes, octopus, scorpion fishes.....etc....

Minimum certification: Open Water Diver
Depth: 13 - 28 mt.
Difficulty: for all recreational levels

Pizzaco Point (Procida)

This point closes southward the ample bay of the characteristic "Corricella" Marina. It is considered one of the most beautiful mediterrenean walls, infact starting the dive from the small bay soon after the point and continuing towards the point, soon the diver meets the vertical wall with an extraordinary richness of marine life. After some platforms at about 18-20 mt. the wall falls down in the blue (more then 70 mt.) with a big colony of enormous gorgonians as Paramuricea sp. and Eunicella sp. There are also huge colonies of Parazhoantus axinellae and multicolor sponges with many critters. The frequent presence of light current attract many fishes such as anthias and barracudas. But we can find the best animal at about 38-40 mt.; here we can admire very healthy colonies of beautiful red coral (Corallum rubrum), endemic of Mediterrenean sea.

Minimum certification: Open Water Diver
Depth: 0 - 70 mt.
Difficulty: for all recreational and technical levels

Solchiaro Point (Procida)

It's the most southern point of Procida Island. The point falls down to a platform at about 15 mt. with many big stones, the the bottom falls vertically down at about 80 mt. Also here the vertical wall is very fascinating, not only for the sharpness but also for the healthy life that we can see: sea fans, corals, sponges. It's easy to meet some pelagic species.

Minimum certification: Open Water Diver
Depth: 0 - 80 mt.
Difficulty: for all recreational and technical levels

Formiche Reef (Ischia)

In the channel between Procida and Ischia Islands ther is a big lighting bouy wich indicates the presence of a rock reef formed by big rocks, from 13 mt. down to 20-22 mt. Here there is a big variety and richness of marine life and, together with a very articulate shape of the bottom (small canions and caves) make the dive very interesting and stimulating both for divers and photographers. There are also many sponges, soft corals and rock fishes in the caves or on the sand bottom.

Minimum certification: Open Water Diver
Depth: 0 - 22 mt.
Difficulty: for all recreational levels

S.Pancrazio Point (Ischia)

It's the point that we can meet sailing from Ischia Port southwards. Infact it's a high vertical rocky cliff which falls down on the sea . Generally the dive starts from the small bay just before the point and continues keeping the wall on the right towards a sandy platform with some big stones wich falls down rapidly in the blu. The very good visibility makes this a very interesting dive at different depths where we can find different environments: enormous sea funs (paramuricee) among 35 and 45 mt. or the wonderfull and colorfull sponges and other corals at about 20 mt. It's easy to meet also many species of fishes.

Minimum certification: Open Water Diver
Depth: 0 - 45 mt.
Difficulty: for all recreational and technical levels

S.Angelo Point (Ischia)

It's on the southern side of Ischia Island and we dive along the external wall of the small S.Angelo Island, wich walls falls down vertically deeper then 80 mt. Her it's possible to do many different dives. The most fascinating is considered the one along the eastern side because the wall falls down very vertical in the blue. But also the southern part is very interesting for the extraordinary richness of marine life. Between  35 and 40 mt there is a forest of yellow gorgonians (Eunicella cavolini) that maybe is the most beautiful of the Mediterrenean Sea. Around 40m there are colonies of "gold coral" (Savalia savaglia), a rare species of coralloid that "colonizes" the red gorgonians covering them. The frequent presence of current, wich guarantee nutrient food to many species attracts many fishes such as big groupers, moray eels, barracudas, anthias....etc...

Minimum certification: Open Water Diver
Depth: 0 - 80 mt.
Difficulty: for all recreational and technical levels

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