People, who don’t love scuba tank diving, can explore the wonderful bottoms around us just swimming on the surface with fins, mask and snorkel (snorkeling). They will reach by boat one of the beautiful natural spot of the area and, an expert instructor will guide them, showing all the particularities of the marine life  along the coast line, always guaranteeing safety and amusement. All the participants will be equipped with mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit. For those who have never experienced  snorkelling they can attend the Snorkelling Course.

Snorkeling at the Archeological Marine Park

Observing from the surface the underwater ruins of the ancient roman Baia is a unique experience.
We organize snorkeling excursions to admire different archeological underwater sites: the famous Imperor Claudio's Ninfeum, with the faithful copies of the original statues; the wonderful mosaics of Villa A Protiro or Pisoni's Villa.....etc.... The Archeological Marine Park (AMP di Baia) is just outside the Baia's harbour, where our boats are moored. The excursions are by boat and are guided by an authorized snorkeilng guide and, when it is necessary also by a divemaster with scuba tanks who underwater shows the details of the ruins.