Banco di Santa Croce

It's a huge reef of extraordinary beauty and uniqueness, soon outward Vico Equenze, the first village of Sorrento Coast arriving from Naples.
Here it's possible to do more then one dive and its uniqueness is due not only to the unbelieavable morphology of the reef, but also to its proximity to the mouth of Sarno river. This river brings into the area a lot of nutrients which allow the growth and development of an amzing marine life.

Purple and yellow gorgonias, together with the yellow big sponges axinella cannabina start growing, already at 18 mt.. Swimming deeper, the amount of soft corals increases, hiding an unbelievable small marine life such as shark eggs. Deeper than 30 mt. we can admire big branches of the rare Gerardia Savaglia and find out small sharks and big congers in the sharp cracks. The forest of soft corals together with the amazing shapes of the rock show a really suggestive scenery. Many big groupers and dentex live in the area and don't seem to be frightened by the divers. Very often it's possible to encounter eagle rays, amberjacks or small tunas.
We absolutely suggest to dive here more then once to explore the different fascinating sides of the reef.